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核心提示:AYou want something you cant get by behaving within the rules, and you want it badly enough youll do it regardless
You want something you can’t get by behaving within the rules, and you
want it badly enough you’ll do it regardless of any guilt or deep regret,
and you’re willing to run the risk of being caught. That’s how Ladd
Wheeler, psychology professor at the University of Rochester in New York,
defines cheating. Many experts believe cheating is on the rise. "We’re
suffering a moral breakdown," Pinkard says. "We’re seeing more of the kind
of person who regards the world as a series of things to be dealt with.
Whether to cheat depends on whether it’s in the person’s interest." He
does, however, see less cheating among the youngest students. Richard
Dienstbier, psychology professor at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln,
believes that society’s attitudes explain much of the increase in
cheating. "Twenty years ago if a person cheated in college, that is
extremely serious, he will be dropped for a semester if not kicked out
permanently," he says. "Nowadays, at the University of Nebraska, for
example, it is the stated policy of the College of Arts and Science that
if a student cheats in an exam, the student must receive an "F" on what he
cheated in. That’s nothing. If you’re going to fail anyway, why not cheat?
Cheating is most likely in situations where the interests are high and the
chances of getting caught are low," says social psychologist Lynn Kahle of
the University of Oregon in Eugene.
1. The passage focuses on ________.
A. making the reader believe that cheating is immoral
B. discussing the reasons for cheating
C. describing how students cheat in exams
D. suggesting how to control cheating
2. Cheating tends to occur in all the following situations except when
A. one wants something badly B. one can’t get something in a
right way
C. it is not very likely to be found out D. a series of things have
to be dealt with
3. Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?
A. It is forgivable to cheat unless money is involved.
B. There has been an increase in cheating.
C. Most cheaters are college students.
D. Cheaters do not feel guilty and regretful.
4. What can be inferred from the passage?
A. Cheating is widespread because society is too understanding.
B. Cheating is the result of heavy pressure.
C. Cheating is cheating, whether in a test or on any other occasions.
D. Cheating comes together with civilization
Since life is short and the world is wide, the sooner you start exploring
it, the better. Soon enough the time will come when you are too tired to
move farther than the terrace of the best hotel. Go now.
No need, you may say, to tell that. But what I need to tell you is that
you will meet with a surprising amount of opposition the moment you try to
set out. Rubbish, you will reply. More people go abroad nowadays than ever
before; never has travel, particularly among the young, been more strongly
visit, of international exchanges. Perhaps not; but none of this, my dear
young friends, is travel. Travel is not going on a round coach trip for $
67 in all, or spending ten days at a hotel by the sea. Travel is when you
want to see how much money and resources you have and then set out, alone
or with chosen friends, to make an unhurried journey to a distant goal
without a set date for your return.
Real travel, then, is independence in action, and is not liked by most
parents. They don’t mind your going in a school party to Athens, because
they know just where you are and when you’ll be back, and they can
therefore permit you the imagination of freedom without for one second
letting you beyond their control. But what they cannot bear is that you
should travel all on your own, without giving them your address and return
date. In fact, their fears are quite reasonable because that shows how
much they love you. So in order to enjoy real travel and at the same time
put your parents’ mind at ease. It would be really important for you to
bear the following advice in mind.
5. Which statement is true according to the passage?
A. People travel more than before.
B. Young people are encouraged to travel abroad.
C. People should not go on a round coach trip for $ 67.
D. Educational visits should not be encouraged as they are not real
6.What does real travel mean according to the writer?
A. It means telling your parents nothing about the travel
B. It means not knowing where you want to go.
C. It means traveling to a distant goal in an unhurried manner.
D. It means traveling without any plan.
7. Your parents allow you to travel in a school party because ________.
A. they want you to be truly free B. you are still under their control
C. they don’t have time to travel with you D. they know it’s good for you
8. According to the writer, when you do real traveling, you should
A. never mind how worried your parents are
B. give your parents your address and return date
C. tell your parents details about your travel
D. not let your parents worry about you
In the West, advertisements are the fuel that makes mass media work. Many
TV stations, newspapers, magazines, radio stations are privately owned.
The government does not give them money. So where does the money come
from? From advertisements. Without advertisements, there would not be
these private businesses.
Have you ever asked yourself what advertising is? Through the years,
people have given different answers to the question. For some time it was
felt that advertising was a means of "keeping your name before the public"
And some people thought that advertising was "truth well told" Now more
and more people consider it in this way; Advertising is the paid,
non-personal, and usually persuasive presentation of goods, services and
ideas by some certain sponsors (发起人) through various media
First, advertising is usually paid for. Various sponsors pay for the
advertisements we see, read, and hear over the various media. Second,
advertising is non-personal. It is not face-to-face communication.
Although you may feel that a message in a certain advertisement is aimed
directly at you, in reality, it is directed at large groups of people.
Third, advertising is usually persuasive. Directly or indirectly it asks
people to do something. All advertisements try to make people believe that
the product, idea, or service advertised can benefit them. Fourth, the
sponsors of the advertisement must show their names. From the
advertisement, we can see if the sponsor is a company, or a single person.
Fifth, advertising reaches us through old and modem mass media. Included
in the old media are newspapers, magazines, radio, television, and films.
Modem media include emails, matchbox covers, and boards on top of
9. The existence of the privately owned mass media depends on the support
of ________.
A. the government B. their owners’ families
C. advertisements D. the TV stations
10. The passage seems to say that different ideas of advertising are given
due to ________.
A. the change of time B. the subject of the
C. people’s age difference D. people’s different opinions
11. Which of the following is considered modem mass media?
A. Newspapers. B. Emails. C. Magazines. D. Films.
12. According to the passage, which of the following statements about
advertisements is NOT true?
A. The sponsors are always mentioned.
B. Advertising must be honest and humorous.
C. There is the description of things advertised.
D. Advertising is meant for large groups of people.

1. B 主旨题。文章一开头心理学家Ladd Wheeler即提出****的定义,并提出Many experts believe cheating
is on the rise. 观点,接下来主要分析人们****的原因,特别是文章最后两句,因此,B项是最佳答案。
2. D 推断题。根据文章开头对****的定义可知A、B符合****的条件,再结合the chances of getting caught are
3. B 细节题。A项与文中的We’re suffering a moral break down不符,即****不是道德的;B项与文中的Many
experts believe cheating is on the
4. A 推断题。由文中的believes that society’s attitudes explain much of the
increase in cheating可推知A项正确

(B)本文作者主张及时进行real travel和告诉人们如何进行real travel。
5. A 细节题。通读全文用排除法可选出正确答案。
6. C 推断题。综合最后一段对real travel的描述可知。
7. B 推断题。由第三段第二句可推知答案。
8. D 推断题。从最后一段对real travel的描述,再结合So in order to enjoy real travel and at
the same time put your parents’ mind at ease可推知。

9. C 细节题。第一段的内容:in the West,advertisements are the
fuel(在西方国家,广告使大量的媒体得以工作,所以被比喻成燃料)和Without advertisements, there would not
be these private businesses,所以就可以知道西方大量媒体的存在是依靠广告的。
10. A 推断题。从第二段可以看出,对于广告不同的看法是由于时代的不同,从文章中的Through the years可以得出正确的答案。
11. B 细节题。由文章最后一句可知
12. B 细节题。选项B与文中的advertising is usually persuasive不一致。

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